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space-time district attorney. yello.


"Silvertongue 30XX: SPACE-TIME DISTRICT ATTORNEY" is a Sci-Fi meets Legal-Thriller Manga written by Little Nando and illustrated by the awesome Chris Mullins available now at comixology, and UPDATING on LINE WEBTOON.

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Silvertongue 30XX: Space-Time District Attorney follows the story of Silvertongue Hernandez and a rat-pack of time-travelling lawyers, specialised in revisiting (or more like crashing), so-called "Trials of the Century" throughout space-time. Silvertongue, a selfish, dark, ego-centric, womanizer and addict, will encounter the most bizarre of adventures in search of Reality 2; a parallel multi-verse he and his motley crew are carefully crafting, which will possibly mean salvation for us all. Or, will it?

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Silvertongue 30xx: Volume 1, "The Chippewa Vendetta" is available on Comixology, and also now free to read and available at Tapastic and the Tapastic mobile app. Also updating on SmackJeeves and Comic Fury.

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