Little Nando is me. Nando Sarmiento. I do games, I do manga, I do live shows, I do stuff. I’ve been CEO of PepperMelon and Ño Empire since the early days, plus I’m curator of Author’s Bay alongside Tomas Garcia. I also blog about management and art. I’m based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and consider myself a Game Designer and Comic Book Writer… I also directed a few short films.

I’m currently working on Tough Coded, a live video game experience executed by a Videogame DJ, with a desktop version coming soon for PC and a mobile one for iOS. I've presented the show in lots of events, including EVA, IndieCade, Indievelopment, Amaze, 8bitSF and Trasmediale, across the world, in Berlin, Utrecht, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Also working on an indie manga called Silvertongue 30XX, featuring a heist-like plot about time-travelling lawyers, which I’ve released 2014 via Dead Pop, in Argentina, and self-published online on Inkblazers and Tapastic. Currently looking for publishers in Europe and US.

Hope you enjoy my work!!